TDD Smart Paddle Shifter for MINI F54 F55 F56 F57


TDD Smart Paddles in Gloss Black

Along with the paddles the Exclusive app allows you to access valuable information right from your phone, saving you hassle and time. This app is compatible with iOS and Android.

These LED-lighted paddles bring a unique style and functionality to your vehicle.

The smart paddles are available in Gloss Black.

Connected to an app, they give you full control over the LED colours stopping you from ever getting bored.

A full fitting guide is provided with this item.

Fitment: LED Steering wheel paddle replacements for Mini Models 2015 – 2022

Function: Paddle shifter has 9 LEDs embedded on the left and right sides, which flash to prompt the driver to gears for the best and most precise shifts.

Operation Details: The paddle shifter lights up gradually as the engine RPM increases. Once it reaches the user configured RPM, the indicator flashes red as an up reminder.

Design: 11 colors of LED light colour.

Data Display: Download the APP on your cell phone and connect to LED paddle shifter via the APP. Here you can view the dynamic data of the car in real time, including: RPM, speed, engine load, remaining fuel, voltage, engine oil temperature, water temperature, range, pressure, etc

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