ITG Pro Filter Foam Air Filter for MINI Cooper S/JCW – F55 F56 F57 – WB 439


The ITG Tri Foam Pro Filter is the easiest way to improve the throttle response and power of your MINI  F55 & F56 Cooper S or JCW. These ITG filters are also washable and reusable saving you money on replacing MINI paper filters every year.

Not suitable for F54 & F60

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ITG has created some of the lightest, most capable panel filters for all fields of motorsport, supplying teams from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. The same design skills, advanced technology and attention to detail are also used to produce their Profilter range of high-grade replacement foam air filters for Gen 3 MINI models suitable for fast road & track use.

The ITG Profilter for the latest MINI F55 & F56 replaces the standard paper panel filter found in the MINI air box. Using a ITG foam filter in your MINI will give you increases in bhp/torque and improve your throttle response.

Due to the ITG Profilters TriFoam design, your MINI can receive the benefits of a high flow panel filter without the risk of contaminants going into the engine. The 3 foam layers are broken into a coarse outer layer for large pieces of dirt, this also helps straighten airflow for the sub sequent layers. Next the medium grade mid layer does the serious filtration stopping most of the harmful dirt that would cause problems to your MINI engine. Finally, the fine inner layer extracts any left over fine particles but still allows full airflow for maximum power gains.

On top of power gains to be had using an ITG panel filter on your MINI, it is also very economical. This is because of the larger volume and more consistent flow of air into your engine. As a result, smaller throttle openings will achieve the same performance allowing for a slight increase in MPG.

Finally, ITG Profilters can save you money over the life of the car due to them being reusable and washable. You should expect your MINI ITG panel filter to last 5 times as long as the equivalent paper MINI filter.