OEM MINI Natural Air starter kit – 83125A7DCA5 Genuine Freshener


The exclusive Natural Air interior fragrance line was specially developed for MINI and consists of an adjustable fragrance holder and exchangeable fragrance plates.
The fragrance notes “Energizing Daylight” and “Relaxing Twilight” as well as the LIMITED EDITIONS allow you to customize the vehicle interior and spark a soothing fragrance experience. The starter kit consists of a holder that is designed to be attached to the ventilation grilles in the vehicle interior of all MINI models and a replaceable scent plate with the “Energizing Daylight” scent. The intensity of the scents can be individually regulated via the air flow and the window integrated in the scent holder. All scent sheets are packed separately in an airtight sachet – this way the scents are preserved for as long as possible.

fragrance holder

The modern fragrance holder is made of black plastic, which is surrounded by a matt bronze ring. When closed, the noble look is completed by British Racing Green.
The holder can be attached to the ventilation grilles in all MINI derivatives.
The simple operating mechanism makes it easier to regulate the fragrance intensity.

Slide up the two switches on the sides of the holder and insert the selected fragrance.
Simply attach the holder to the control button. The intensity of the fragrance can be regulated by the strength of the air flow and the opening/closing of the mechanism of the diffuser (move the MINI logo).
The scent plates are designed in such a way that they give off a scent for around six weeks. We recommend changing the fragrance notes regularly to avoid getting used to them.

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