Atomspeed MINI Gen 1 R53 Large Bonnet Scoop Hood


The Atomspeed R53 bonnet scoop is a direct replacement for the standard factory fitted scoop made from fibreglass with a high temp resin and gel coat and come supplied in a grey finish. They are a handmade product so finishing will be required to get a perfect glass finish we recommend using any professional body shop as they will know what they are doing. These come pre-etch primed so make sure your body shop is aware of this and treat it as any normal fibreglass product.

It is designed with a larger opening to give a more aggressive look and help channel air into the scoops opening.

Atomspeed Scoops are fitted using the original factory mounting points and fastenings from the standard scoop, some bonnets require elongating the holes to where you find the scoop sits the best, it’s not just a straight fit they do require fettling with to get it sat where you want! We do recommend test fitting prior to you painting the scoop to make sure you get it sat right and happy with it before you get it painted. Fitting instructions are supplied PLEASE READ the fitting instructions!!!!


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Here’s a video also above of a customer fitting the scoop so you know whats entailed !!
These fit all R53 models & R52 Cooper S models.

Proven to keep R53 intake temperatures down.






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Dimensions 47 × 17 × 17 cm