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Forged Carbon Fibre Phone Case – KillAllChrome®


KillAllChrome® Black Genuine Forged Carbon Fibre Phone Case

  • 100% Genuine Forged Carbon Fibre
  • Elevated front, for screen protection
  • Precise speaker and button cut outs
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • High Quality

Colour: Black

Comes in Gift Box

What is Forged Carbon Fibre?

Forged Carbon Fibre is extremely lightweight, making it an ideal material to be used on supercars, which is a great factor to increase performance, through the reduction of weight.

Its unique design is almost marble like, but unlike marble, Forged Carbon Fibre is an extremely lightweight, while maintain high durability.

When exposed to sunlight and any form of good lighting, the Forged Carbon Fibre features an almost dynamic design, having a different look depending on the angle the material is seen at, making it stand out even more.

Returns: 14 Days

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iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung S20 Ultra, iPhone 11, iPhone 12