MINI Gauge Pod for Dash Air Vent Hush Components – R55 R56 R57 R58 R59


MINI Gauge Pod Holder for R55 R56 R57 R58 R59

This pod is a custom design, made to be a sleek addition to your mini. It replaces the upper air vent on the dashboard, housing a standard 52mm gauge. Designed to aim the face of the gauge towards the driver.


Size :- To suit a standard 52mm gauge

Material :- PETG-CF (Carbon Fibre + Plastic Blend)

Manufacturers method :- 3D printing

Heat resistant up to 76 degrees or 180 Fahrenheit

What’s in the box:-

1 x Gauge Pod

3 x Fitment grub screws

NOTE:- This is a 3D printed product, it may have small imperfections however each of these pods will go through a quality control to make sure we are happy with them. This will also mean that the part will have seams on the bottom which cannot be seen once fitted and do not affect the aesthetics in any way. Please bare this in mind before purchasing.

How to fit (see photos and read below)

1. Remove the old air vent from the dash

2. Route electrical cables/boost line from footwell air filter cabin (it runs to the vent) or alternatively run them behind the stereo and under the dash. Make sure you do not pinch the boost line in the process.

3. Once all routing is in place, secure the gauge into the pod using the grub screws included, DO NOT over-tighten or you will damage the pod. Make sure you have the gauge rotated within the pod accordingly.

4. To fit the pod connect the wiring/boost line, then slide the rear tabs under the lip at the back of the vent, once these are hooked under you can rotate the pod to hook the front tab under the dash. Finally tighten the third grub screw that sits underneath the vents so that it hooks under the lip of the dash.


Returns: 14 Days



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LHD (Left Hand Drive), RHD (Right Hand Drive)