MINIBitz Smooth LCI Boot Mod – F56 Pre LCI


MINIBitz Smooth LCI Boot Mod – F56 Pre LCI

As you may know the LCI badge do fit the f56 non lci but it leaves lines around the badge on the bootlid which our OCD goes mad! So we came up with this modification for you guys who like the look of this!

This Mod is just for 2014-2018 (with old style badge)

The MINIBitz full Mod inlcudes New Gloss Black Rear Badge & Bootlid Cover (in Gloss Black) Front matching Gloss Black badge optional.

If you already have the badges you just need to buy the bootlid.

Scroll down to watch the video so you know whats entailed



Returns: 14 Days


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BootLid Cover ONLY, Bootlid Cover & Rear Badge (Bootlidmod), Bootlid Cover & Front & Rear Badge