Series 4 Abarth Steering Wheel Lower Spoke Front + Back Covers 2 Piece Genuine Carbon Fibre


Fiat 500 / Abarth Series 4 Genuine Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel Spoke Covers

If you want to give your Abarth 500 steering wheel a lift then this carbon fibre steering wheel kit is just what you need

Precision made, this applies over the top of the existing remote control trims on your wheel to give a dramatic new look

This is a 2 piece kit, 2 x pieces for the bottom spoke top and back piece with the option to add the centre middle chin spoke.

Easily installed within minutes, these come pre applied with 3m tape or can be bonded on the choice is yours

There is no need to remove your airbag like other kits on the market, super easy 5 minute install and a quick transformation!

Returns: 14 Days

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Red Carbon, Black Normal Twill Weave Carbon, Forged Camo Carbon

Add Middle Chin Insert

Yes, No