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Tag Your MINI! – Mini Label Hand Wash Only Tag


In Black & White
One Side is HAND WASH ONLY, the other side is MiNi Logo

One of the small details on the MINI interior is a very small MINI logo tag sewn into the seat piping. This subtle detail adds a layer of refinement that goes a long way. Now MINI owners have a way to add a similar accent to the OUTSIDE or INSIDE of their MINI with these supersized MINI tags that can be installed in just about any body seam, including trunk gaps, hood gaps, and any other place with a surface area to attach the sticker side of the tag to.  Designed to be nested in between body panels where the double stick tape can be applied and allow the tag to protrude outward while staying in place.

You can stick these inside your MINI or alternatively they an be used on the exterior, these will weather around the edges to give a distressed label look around the edges!

Printed on flexible and durable plastic.
We have two sizes available a smaller size or a larger size (which we think the larger one looks great on the rear)

One side has the logo and the other has hand wash only

– 10x15cm (larger)

– 5×6.5cm (small)

Returns: 14 Days

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Small, Large, One Small & One Large (pair)

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